Farewell Friends

A few days ago we handed over our assignments, turned off our ‘work’ computers for the last time, and left our jobs. We’ve been riding the career train since we graduated from Smith College and last week we decided it was our chance to hop the tracks.

Before we officially grabbed our bags and leapt, we shared quality WOLO-time with some of our nearest and dearest friends from the Philadelphia/Wilmington region. The farewell celebrations started with an all-day beer tasting at the Philadelphia Brewing Company that carried over to Frankford Hall. The party continued mid-week with a happy hour at Bar Ly in Philadelphia, PA and rounded out less than a week ago with another happy hour held at Big Fish Grill in Wilmington, DE. Unfortunately, luggage space was limited and we had to leave some great people behind; however, we’ll always have the memories.

Saying ‘goodbye’ is never easy, so in true WOLO fashion we said ‘see you later’! Although we’ve taken the leap and watched the train move on, we are thankful for the ride and for the great company we had along the way. The end of one adventure means the start of another and we hope that our paths will cross again soon.

“take you with me if I can…”

“a little party never killed nobody…”


Song lyrics: Imagine Dragons “On Top of the World” / Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” 

– Go. Change your state of mind.

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