Katie and Krista

Katie: From Red Bluff, California, a little town full of farmers, ranchers, teachers (like her mom), and all sorts of folks in-between.  Grew up on pomegranates plucked from the trees growing in her back yard, won’t ever turn down a good hike, and loves to banter with her older brothers.  Most likely to be found at her art desk finishing up a paper cutting project. Has a competitive nature, a thirst for travel and always enjoys a good laugh. Not the most organized person and thanks Krista for keeping things in order.  Loves a colorful sunset and always keeps her eyes towards the horizon for the next best one.



Krista:  Born and raised in the rolling green hills of Hoosick Falls, New York.  Fan of French toast, Golden Retriever puppies, the changing seasons, and everything soccer.  Is always up for a paddle around the lake, sitting around bonfires with family, camping, and a long drive (usually home).  Most likely to be found eating chocolate, watching sporting events, or planning the next adventure.  Comes from a small-town household full of warmth, laughs,  and venison.  Full of migrant blood thanks to Polish and Irish great-grandparents, so traveling is second-nature.  Major dreamer that relies on Katie to keep it real.  Oh, and is permanently stuck on “island time”.



Katie and Krista:  “Officially” met at Smith College in 2008 but most likely spent several past lifetimes together.  Found themselves living in and exploring Denver, CO for their first year together, post-Smith.  Resided in West Philly from 2010 to 2012 and Wilmington, DE from 2012 to 2014 while pursuing Master’s degrees and advancing their careers.  Love visiting family and friends in northern CA and upstate NY as frequently as possible, traveling to new places, and entertaining their dog, Lassen.  With backgrounds in biology/ecology and geology/hydrology you could say they have a “thing” for Mother Nature.  Most likely to be found devouring mint chocolate chip ice cream (out of a glass with a splash of milk), working on their fitness (like Fergie), and packing their bags for the next trip.  Krista reintroduced Katie to the soccer pitch, and Katie taught Krista how to eat more than just steak and potatoes!  Understand that you must find what makes you the happiest (or gives you the best WOLOtude) and never settle for anything less!

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“some things are just meant to be…”


2 responses to “Katie and Krista

  1. I’m pleased to ‘meet’ you both. I’m Jennifer Ward’s mom and she sent me your website address so that I might follow you on your adventure. Good luck, have fun and Be Safe (sorry; that’s the mom in me).

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