The day has come: our brief WOLOcation in the United States has come to an end and we are stuffing our bags with the last of our belongings as we write!

After a short six hour drive from Wilmington, DE (our home of two years) we pulled up to a snowy front yard and warm house in Hoosick Falls, NY. Hooville, as the natives say, is the temporary home for the rest of our belongings – everything that will not make the voyage to Aotearoa, ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’, is stowed twelve feet in the air in the Matatt’s garage attic (thank goodness)!

Luckily, we were able to spend five long days WOLOing with our east coast family. We attended wrestling matches, shared lots of laughs and great food at a Superbowl Sunday party, and even enjoyed the traditional upstate NY snowday all before boarding a plane set for the sunny west coast of California! Of course, once we arrived in CA, it rained for three days straight – buy hey, they needed it! In CA, we rang in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, were wined and dined like true Californians, and did a late-night tour of San Francisco so we could practice with our new Canon Rebel SL1 (highly recommended for travel)!

After some much needed rest and relaxation and family time we are ready to begin the adventure of a lifetime – we’re ready to live the dream – we are ready to WOLO. If you feel so inclined, we welcome you along for the ride! Next stop: Northcote Point, Auckland, New Zealand!

– Go. Change your state of mind.

“on the road again…”

“I’ll fly away, in the morning…”

“Paint me in your sunshine…”

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