WOLOing in the States

Hello again to all of the WOLO-fans out there!  It was exactly one year ago today that we were throwing our bags into the overhead bins and waving good-bye to the beautiful land that the Kiwis call home. It’s pretty hard to believe that 365 days have passed since our ‘trip of a lifetime’ throughout the Land of the Long White Cloud. You remember, right?  We cruised around in our van (Blue Rhino), ate ice cream for breakfast, sampled as many meat pies as possible, went hiking on glaciers, and posted pictures to make you all envious (just kidding)!

During those four months overseas you were all such avid fans and many of you have remained sincerely interested in our venturing since our return to the U.S. of A.  This post is two-fold: 1) to celebrate another year of WOLOing (despite trying to reestablish ourselves in the, sometimes mundane, routine of everyday life) and 2) to ensure you that our WOLOtude remains unchanged!

In fact, this past year has been full of stateside adventure that is worth sharing, and shame on us for not telling you about these awesome places sooner. Check out our WOLO-worthy highlights below and definitely give one, or two, or all of them a try if you’re looking to do some WOLOing yourself!

  • Upon returning to the states via California, we immediately hopped in the car and drove north to explore the beautiful northwestern state of Oregon.
    WOLO-worthy highlights:  Smith Rock State Park; Crater Lake National ParkIMG_5181 IMG_5221 IMG_5251 IMG_5286
  • After catching a flight back to the east coast, we found ourselves taking a detour during a trip to a wedding in western New York!
    WOLO-worthy highlights:  Watkins Glen State ParkIMG_5943 IMG_5976
  • On the east coast, exploring New England is a necessity; we found amazing hikes, beautiful sights, and a wonderful camping opportunity.
    WOLO-worthy highlights:  Mount Monadnock, NH; Acadia National Park, MEIMG_6521 IMG_6536 IMG_6810 IMG_6855 IMG_6658
  • On two different return trips to the ‘Golden State’ we laced up our boots for some WOLOing fun!
    WOLO-worthy highlights:  Lassen Volcanic National ParkIMG_7002 IMG_7098
  • After a long and bitter cold winter in upstate New York we jumped a plane to the sunny, relaxing, and remote island of St. John!
    WOLO-worthy highlights:  Virgin Islands National ParkIMG_8557IMG_8640IMG_8768
  • And last, but not least, we are on a voyage à Montréal for the 2015 Women’s World Cup!
    WOLO-worthy highlights:TBD[Note:  All of these adventures will be described in more detail in their own individual posts, so check back soon!]

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