Welcome to WOLOtude!

This blog was created first and foremost to motivate you, the reader, to ‘change your state of mind’ (a phrase you’ll run across more than once in this blog) and secondly, to encourage you to go adventuring!  We like to think of WOLOing as a more sophisticated version of YOLOing and, of course, more satisfying because you get to share the WOLOtude with someone(s) else.  To make WOLOing much more obtainable for you, we’ve documented and will continue to document our favorite WOLOspots – this information will include our opinions and recommendations on a variety of locations and activities.  Additionally, we have supplied you with some inspiring music and words to help get you in the WOLO state of mind.

Whether it’s a weekend excursion, a much-needed vacation, or a month long getaway, we hope that this blog inspires you to WOLO.

Go.  Change your state of mind.

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