Hot Springs and Black Sands

Our journey to the South Island began on a hot afternoon on the first day of March.  We decided to follow the west coast, and our first stop was the world famous surf town of Raglan.  The wind was whipping and the beach was crowded with kiteboarders, but not being surfers or kiteboarders ourselves, we decided our time would be well spent visiting Bridal Veil Falls.  After a 30-minute drive and a 10-minute hike, we came to one of NZ’s prettiest falls; a modest stream dropping 55 meters into a peaceful pool below.

“got washed away in a summer rain…”

“you can’t undo a fall like this…”

Continuing south from the falls, we ran into a bit of luck with the tides and made a successful stop at the obscure and gorgeous, Kawhia (caw-fee-ah) Beach.  This ‘hot water’ beach is less known than the popular and over-crowded ‘hot water’ beach of the Coromandel, but man does it deliver!

“ya, I know it’s crazy…

“I’ve searched the world and I know now…”

Our sprint across the soft, black sands of Kawhia was a bit torturous (deciding to WOLO without our sandals was not the best choice that afternoon); however, as we neared the water’s edge the cooler sand provided relief and we were able to begin our search for the supposed 50 meter stretch of beach with geothermal activity.

Noticing a few peculiar bubbles on the surface of the sand (some even bursting), we dug in our toes and immediately felt the nearly boiling water.  The rest is history really – we quickly made a pool big enough for two and spent the rest of the evening soaking up the WOLOtude and enjoying the view!  Finding this beach front property has been one of our favorite rewards thus far!

“it doesn’t make sense to anybody else…”

“it ain’t right if you ain’t lost your mind…”

“we’re the kinda crazy people wish that they could be…”

Next stop:  Waitomo (why-toh-mo) & Tongaporutu (tonga-poor-ooh-too)

– Go.  Change your state of mind.