American Hospitality with a Kiwi Twist!

After a week on the road in the Northland we were excited to get back to Northcote, not only for a shower, but also some relaxing family time.  Our hosts in Northcote, Auckland provided us some American hospitality with a kiwi-twist!  Cousin Janey was more than accommodating, even leaving ‘welcome home’ gifts on our beds (Cadbury chocolate and a package of crumpets)!

“nothing but love…”

Although we stayed for a short three days, we managed to squeeze in lots of laughs, driving lessons (with newly licensed cousin, Ryan), ‘fush n’chups’ with the two newest temporary members of the family (15 year old home-stays from Japan), a trip to Takapuna (ta-kah poo-na) Beach, and the movie Chicken Run with youngest cousin, Ulysses!

We left Northcote refreshed, but heavy-hearted because it is our “home away from home”.  Thankfully, middle cousin, Maximillian was able to spare us 1.5 liters of L&P (world famous in NZ) to get us through the homesickness. 🙂

“You waved and I waved and we went on our way…”

– Go.  Change your state of mind.  

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