The Far East

The road north of Mahia Peninsula is long and lonely, and for that very reason, leisurely!  The only city along the entire “East Cape” is Gisborne.  As we passed through we snagged a few meat pies for the road and then set out for Tolaga Bay.

Tolaga Bay is best known for it’s “mile-long” wharf, making it a popular tourist attraction; however, the highlight of our trip to Tolaga was the moderate 45-minute walking track to Cook’s Cove.  After ascending through a field of skiddish sheep, we dropped down into the jungle before popping out into a green field that sprawled out to the water’s edge.  The inlet that lie in front of us marked Captain Cook’s 1789 landing (not to be confused with Captain Hook, even though we found Peter Pan) and was aptly named Cook’s Cove.

“‘Til our last days…”

“you see every hope I locked away…”

“yeah, we live until we die…”

“time will give and time will take…”

From the inlet we gazed out toward Mitre Rocks and Pouwera Island with the intention of renting kayaks from the campground and paddling around in Cap’t Cook’s “boatsteps”; unfortunately, windy weather created rough seas and we had to leave Tolaga Bay behind without that experience.  Don’t worry, we’ve added it to our WOLO-list the next visit to NZ’s Far East!

“all the memories made will wash away…”

“if you listen close, you’ll hear the sound…”

“hold on to what makes you feel…”

“don’t let go, it’s what makes you real…”

Next stop:  Taupo
Song lyrics: Phillip Phillips “Raging Fire”

Go.  Change your state of mind.

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