The Haast Pass

The Haast Pass is the southern most pass in New Zealand, as well as the rainiest and the lowest in elevation.  The pass stretches approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles) from Lake Wanaka to the Tasman Sea or vice-versa.  Generally, most tourists like to “hustle the Haast”; however, we allowed ample time for exploring the Haast’s attractions.

Like most tourists, we made the quick pit-stop at the famous Blue Pools were we had a jaunt over the swingbridge and marveled at the clear blue water below.  We also stopped at Thunder Creek Falls for a quick photo-op of the 40 meter (131 feet) waterfall.   

“What we got is…”

“…just like driving on an open highway…”

“never knowing what we’re gonna find…”

Our Haast Pass cruise was completed, however, by a memorable stop at Fantail Falls. To the average hurried traveler the Fantail Falls pit-stop offers a one-minute track to a picturesque waterfall emptying into the Haast River; however, approximately one-hundred meters downstream sits Fantail Falls’ secret neighbor (and no one seems to know it’s there)!  After a daring and WOLOtude-testing hike we found ourselves staring at one of NZ’s (if not the world’s) most elegant waterfalls – a feathery stream of white spilling from a hillside notch into a stunning pool of turqoise blue water!  

“just like two kids, always trying to live it up”

“skipping rocks and leaving footprints…”

“…down along the riverbank”

“never making plans, just living in the moment…”

[Note: As far as we know, this falls is un-named; thus, we have taken it upon ourselves, in honor of WOLOtude all across the world, to (un)officially name this feathery friend, WOLO Falls!]

“you get me laughing…”

“…with those funny faces”

 Next stop:  Fox Glacier
Song lyrics: Lady Antebellum “Our Kind of Love”

Go.  Change your state of mind. 

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