Happy Mother’s Day!

It doesn’t seem possible, but tomorrow marks three months of WOLOing in the free-world!  In keeping with our “monthiversary” theme of out-of-the-ordinary posts, this month we have decided to celebrate our mothers.  Seeing as sending a gift is not the most economical option, we’ve decided to send them some love in the form of photos and writing.  We’ve spent the last week and a half of our adventuring picking some of the most scenic and awe-inspiring locations to act as the backdrop of our messages.  Hopefully, our siblings in our respective families have managed to do the job right (hint, hint), but we still wanted to let our mothers know that we appreciate all the support and love they have given us over the years, and that we are thinking of them on their special day.  The older we get the more we realize just how much you have done for us – how difficult it is to raise one child, let alone three, and we wanted to thank you both for everything!  We would not be the women we are, where we are, today, if it weren’t for you.

Happy Mother’s Day Pattie (Mom) and Sue (Ma)! We love you!

Love, Katie and Krista

– Go. Change your state of mind. 

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