Moeraki Fun

From Aoraki Village we drove east to the world-famous Moeraki (moe-racky) Boulders.  These unique spheres of rock are advertised as the “oddest thing you’ll discover on a beach anywhere in the world”, so for us, it was a must-see attraction!  We arrived at mid-tide with just enough boulders popping out of the water (and the sand) for us to have some fun!

“I don’t wanna work anymore, I just wanna live instead…”

“everyone is saying I’m all grown up…”

“I’ve come a long way but I’m not there yet…”

“this insanity takes me along for the ride…”

“you’ve got to hit rock bottom…”

“…if you want to come out on top”

“it’s this immaturity, keeps me from getting too old…”

Once we had our fill of climbing on the rocks and taking some WOLO-shots, we drove a few kilometers south to the Katiki (kah-tiki) Point Lighthouse to see the endangered Yellow-Eyed Penguins (YEPs).  The parental YEPs are known for spending their days at sea filling their bellies before returning to shore around dusk to feed the little ones awaiting in nests.  Fortunately for us, Katiki Point offered the perfect vantage point for watching the parentals ride a wave to shore and then walk across the open beach to the hillside.  However, being a YEP isn’t that easy – each penguin’s peaceful beach walk was always preceded by them navigating angry waves as they tried to avoid hungry seals swimming in the shallow tide pools (seals need to eat, too)!  We stayed for roughly 1.5 hours and had the rare opportunity to see these rare little penguins do what they do best – it was so awesome!

“you’ve got to run real far before you ever feel close to home…”

“been working myself into a lonely state…”

“it’s been a long time coming, I deserve to take a holiday…”

Next stop:  Dunedin
Song lyrics: Eric Hutchinson “Not There Yet”


Go.  Change your state of mind.  

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  1. Hi Krista & Katie, Another great post from “down under”!! How exciting for you to be able to see the YEP’s do their thing! You are truly living a dream. Glad all is well & the trip is everything you had hoped for. Love ‘ya’s Aunt B

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