Egmont National Park

Egmont National Park is located in the Taranaki region, at the southwest ‘elbow’ of the North Island.  The park is home of Mount Taranaki, a volcano that rises sharply into the sky seemingly from the sea.

With the peak of Taranki covered in snow, summiting was not an option for us (as we lacked the appropriate gear), so we did a day hike from the Dawson Falls Visitor Center.  Following a loop track, we came across some wonderful sights, including Wilkies Pools, the Waingongoro swing bridge (Egmont’s highest swing bring), and the 18 meter (59 feet) high Dawson Falls!

“you taste like sunlight…”

“you spike my blood…”

“you make my heart beat faster…”

The day we visited Egmont was sunny, but windy and the clouds were set on covering Taranki’s face; however, with a little WOLOtude we braved the wind on the East Egmont ‘Plateau’ (1,172 meters/3,845 feet in elevation), yelled to Taranaki and finally got a snapshot of his face!

“I jump, I crash, I crawl….”

“I can’t get enough…”

Next stop:  Wellington

Go.  Change your state of mind.

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