Sand-tastic Sand Dunes

The Te Paki (tee-pah-key) Sand Dunes are towering golden dunes that stretch for miles along the northwestern coast of the North Island.  Each day hordes of tourists are bussed in from the “big” Northland cities to enjoy a day of sandboarding and dune roaming, so we made a point of making it to the dunes early in the morning.

“I’m gonna race you to the sky…”

“I’m gonna race you to the moon…”

Fortunately for us, we were the second van in the carpark and the first ones to climb the steep dune that is ever-so popular with the tourist companies.  We ran, we hopped, we jumped, we WOLO-ed, and eventually, we ate sand, but it was totally worth it!

“don’t mind leaving your nest, don’t mind making a mess…”

As the tour buses pulled up, we headed south to the little town of Ahipara (ah-hee parra).  Ahipara is the most southern point of New Zealand’s famous 90-Mile Beach (that is not a typo, it’s really 90-Mile Beach rather than 90-Kilometer Beach). It was a great local beach for sunbathing and swimming before we set off for our second free camping location (Raetea North).  Next stop:  Te Mahuta & the Kauri walks

“this might be the best day of your life…”

– Go. Change your state of mind.

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